debating dropping lpn program to save up for traditional program

  1. so, i keep running into the same wall with school. well, with life, really. it seems like i keep having to fight and stress to have the money i need for school, and i haven't even finished block 1 of a 5-block lpn course. i honestly have no idea how i'm going to pay for school, and i'm on self-pay because i can't get loans (defaulted from previous college experience when i was too young and dumb to know what i was doing, and i don't make enough money to pay on the loans and manage school and bills and pull-ups for our two-year-old...). i planned to make the money for my next payment while on winter break, but i missed two weeks of work due to back-to-back cases of a stomach virus and food poisoning, and just as i'm starting to get a teeny bit ahead the clutch went out on our only car. i just don't see how i can make the money for books and tuition and still pay the husband is working all he can, but they're cutting hours because of i'm really not in the best situation to be in school right now. i don't want to drop out, i don't want to postpone school any longer, but i just don't see how i can afford to go right now. i can't get FAFSA help, i can't get a bank loan...i'm really frustrated and just empty-feeling right now. any advice?
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  3. by   cute-1
    Are you at a Community college? Talk to the school's financial aid officer,maybe you can do work study or they might know of other programs like WIA or something similar in your area.Have you tried the unemployment office? They give out funding for school tuition.
  4. by   pnkgirl25
    I can understand your concern. I was in the same boat. I went ahead and skipped the community college (Waiting list are 3+ years long in CA) I said screw it and went right to a private school. Sure its costing me $28k but i look at it this way, the year I spend sitting on a waiting list it losing money. I also looked at it this way. People finance cars all day long for 25k, 30k, 40k, and they lose value the min the drive off the lot. I am investing in my education and future. The LVN program I am doing is 10 months. The way I see it I will have completed my LVN, be working as an LVN, and complete my LVN to RN bridge long before the people on the waiting list even get into the program. Now is that worth my book yes. Plus the interest rate on government student loans are like 6% and you have almost forever to pay them back. Plus remember you dont start repayment until after you drop bellow 1/2 time. If you go right from lvn to rn to bsn you will be making good money before your first loan payment is even due. And with the money you are making as an LVN you can start to repay the loans before interest even kicks in. And if you are lucky you might find a job that offers tuition assistance that will help pay for school.

    I recently became a CNA and many of the hospitals I applied to and interviewed with offered up for $1500 for tuition assistance.

    Just my 2 cents
  5. by   pnkgirl25
    And why cant you get FASFA Help? Most private school will work out something for you. I know my school offered a private loan directly through them and it was not based on credit.
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    Okay never mind. I just reread your point about defaulting on student loans. You know you can fix that right. I was sort of in the same boat. My loans when into default and they were garnishing my income tax. You can call the department of education and have them "rehab" your loans and consolidate them. You only need to make one payment...I think I paid $50 I owed $15,000 at the time I think. After you have them rehabbed you can then go back into deferment which would allow you to take out another loan as long as you have not hit your life time max.
  7. by   yaboyku
    I know exactly how you feel. I too found myself in a similar situation as I am a cash paying student. I graduated with a B.A. in 2004 from a State College so I could not get any assitance either. I work full time and go to school full time just to be able to pay for school. I also have two children 10 and 3 that require time. So our situation is not that different. I will tell you that I get on average 3 hours of sleep a night and sometimes less because of a wonderful section called Med/Seg. People ask all the time how I do and I will give you my secret. Dont give yourself a choice!! Life can and will happen whether it is now or 2 years from now. You have made the investment thus far so you may have to invest a little more. I like the idea the previous responder gave you. A position as a CNA is always an option. When and if you interview you can inquire about tuition assistance. Make sure you dont just let the company interview you as you should interview them aswell. Take your time and make sure it will be a mutual benefit. I will not tell you that it will be easy but it is doable. Nothing in life worth having comes easy and Nursing school is no different. I have not seen outside of my house, school, or a starbucks in 7 months but i know in 5 more short months I can breathe a sigh of relief!! If I can manage it is possible for anyone trust me! You can do this!!