1. I'm a single mom of 2 kids (10&12) I live in california but im struggling just to make ends meet and am thinking about moving to san antonio TX just because its cheaper and ive heard that they have a large medical center etc... I've never been to TX before... Ive found a school called career point but im not finding too much info wether its a good school or not...I guess Im having a hard time deciding if i should move to TX and take a chance that I will find a nice affordable place to live and am able to go to school or if I should stay in CA and work as a phlebotomist here and hope that the hospital i work at will help me go to school some day... and further my education... I have no one to ask for help either state im basically alone.. Any wise words or suggestions i will appreciate. .Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I was born and raised in CA and completed an LVN program in the Los Angeles area in 2005. I moved to Texas six weeks after graduation because of the dismal job market for LVNs in CA in addition to the wages that did not keep up with the cost of living.

    If you're going to attend school in CA, be sure to avoid the for-profit programs that charge $20,000 to $40,000 in tuition. Try to get admitted into an LVN program at one of the many regional occupational programs (ROPs) or adult education centers because the tuition is so much cheaper. Also, do not forget about the community college LVN programs.

    In this economic situation, waiting around for a hospital to provide tuition reimbursement for you to attend school is unwise because many facilities are doing away with their tuition reimbursement programs. Also, most hospitals in CA no longer hire LVNs.
  4. by   onehonestb
    I think if I do stay in CA I dont know that I would be able to attend school and work full time to support my kids and myself..I think I will have to make the move and hope for the best... I can't be worse of then now right...? I hope...
    I think that the Career Point school in san antonio is a for profit and that makes me very nervous because I have heard very mixed reviews for the school.. Maybe I should just move, at this point I think I can afford just a 1 bedroom for the 3 of us and see what schools I can get into once I get down there...That is a great idea to look for a ROP LVN program down there because I recieved my Medical Assistant and my Phlebotomy certificate thru ROP, I will look into that right now thank you for the idea!
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    Quote from onehonestb
    That is a great idea to look for a ROP LVN program down there because I recieved my Medical Assistant and my Phlebotomy certificate thru ROP, I will look into that right now thank you for the idea!
    The ROP thing is exclusive to California. Texas does not have ROPs. If you want to attend an affordable school in Texas, you will need to look to the community college district for any LVN programs they might be offering.
  6. by   Manofstone
    I was born and raised in san antonio, texes and I'm currently attending st. Philips college for nursing. My advice is to take a look at st philips. The cost for someone living here is maybe about $7k or less for the time it takes (one year). They don't have an rn program yet but it sounds like they will start an rn program in about a year.
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    No wonder I couldn't find any ROP in TX... I tried looking all kinds of ways, thats good to know! thank you... and now hopefully they wont do away with them here in CA..the fight goes on..
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    Thank you I will def check them out and it is a lot cheaper than career point! How do you like your class so far? do they require pre reqs? Do you know any graduates from this school and their results?
  9. by   onehonestb
    wow has a really good pass rate for the NCLEX!
  10. by   Manofstone
    My mom graduated from st philips and many grads work in san antonio. Its really the best school at this price for nusing. One of my friends went to galen and she paid $6 k a semester. She says she learns more at st philips for $2k a semester than she did at galen. The teachers are great and I really like the program.
  11. by   Manofstone
    Oh I don't know what the pre reqs are but if you contact the school and ask for information I'm sure the can mail it to you.
  12. by   onehonestb
    was it hard to get into? is there a waiting list? a friend of mine said that the wait is long for, so far the reviews ive read have been great. Ive also been looking at baptist school of professionals have you heard anything about it?
  13. by   Manofstone
    I'm not aware of a waiting list. Maybe I was lucky? From what I've from the other students, st philips offers more than other schools in the area for lvn. I haven't heard of the baptist lvn program but I heard that the baptist hospital has a nice bridge program to rn.
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    Thank you for your help! I called and talked to someone she did say that pretty much everyone that gets a gets a qualifing score on the test and passes the background check gets in.... Now to find a job and a place to live down there so I can move lol...thats seems to be harder than I thought!