Best Advice on Trauma Experience

  1. I was wondering would it be a waste of time to go to a EMT-I program? You see I am a Practical Nursing Student how would one day be a Nurse that want to specialize in trauma and one day be a Flight Nurse Could some on plse help me on my best options.
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  3. by   mommiof2kids
    you will see alot as an EMT if you work on an ambulance with a fire department. I'm not sure where you live but in the Dallas area the majority of the emergency responders are fire fighters/paramedics. I would also encourage you to think about the differences in roles between an LPN and EMT. As an EMT you are allowed much more independece in your practice, although under the supervision of the paramedic. An LPN is guided by the NPA of her particular state. The reason why I suggest this is because if you do in fact begin taking EMT courses you may begin to overlap the two roles and begin to practice outside of your scope of practice. This would have legal implications for you. My suggestion is that if there is an ER near you that will hire and LPN go for it! Otherwise, get your experience then go back to school. In the meantime, there are lots of classes out there specifically focusing on trauma. Good luck!