Baldy View ROP LVN 2018 Program

  1. Hello everyone,

    I've tried searching for this topic, but was unable to find anything. Is there anyone that is currently going for the LVN program at Baldy View ROP? If so where are you in the process? And for those who have completed the program, could you please share your experiences and give tips?

    I just took the TABE and got top scores in all areas, and now the next step is meeting with the financial aid office and discussing the $$$ side of things. I originally was on the RN track (i've completed ALL pre req courses for ADN programs AND BSN programs) and after being rejected by Mt. Saint Mary's ADN program the 1st time, and witnessing how competitive EVERYWHERE is, I've decided to explore the LVN ---> RN route. After much thought, it makes most sense for my life at the moment.

    If anyone can shed some insight on their journey through this LVN program or any similar ROP LVN programs that'd be great.
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  3. by   pweezy2460
    Still looking for anyone who'd have information, thanks
  4. by   Mashellecia
    Yes I have been searching for experiences at Baldy view ROP too. I completed my prerequisites and got denied and so I decided to take this route and bridge over. I completed my TABE testing and got really high scores and I have met with financial aid and completed all my required forms. I am waiting to be in the clear and then pay the registration fee. I'm glad to hear someone else is in the same situation!
  5. by   Mashellecia
    Just to add ...I chose this program after many many hours of researching other schools and hearing those experiences were not pleasant. I heard many online nursing boards suggesting Baldy View ROP which is why I decided to apply for the program here.
  6. by   pweezy2460
    @Mashellecia , thank you so much for your input and im so glad to know that I am not the only one going through a similar situation! lol. I'm currently awaiting the green light to pay my registration fee as well, I've done everything there is to do besides my last step on working out finances with my private loan. Hopefully we will be in the same class/cohort! I'm so eager to just start the program
  7. by   Mashellecia
    Exactly my spot right now... From what I heard we are the first group they are admitting which is about 15 people. I'm just anxious about everything and I want to get started already. I just want to make sure that the tuition covers books and uniforms as they said right? It's a lengthy process on everything and it's difficult to be patient!
  8. by   pweezy2460
    @Mashellecia , I definitely understand how you feel!! I'm anxious as well. Tuition does cover everything including books and uniforms. I can not wait to start, but I know once we do start it's going to be a whirlwind of work and time and we're gonna be wishing that we had this break lol
  9. by   theresa005
    Hello, I too am in the same boat as far as wanting to do the RN program and being denied multiple times. Just today i have started doing research on this program. Have any of you started it yet, if so how is it? Also how was the TABE? Goodluck to all of you on getting in! (: