Arnett Test

  1. Did anyone here have to take it? They told us it was a nationwide test that first year or fast track LPN students have to take. They say that national average is in the 50 percentile. Anyone else have to take this stupid thing? We have taken 2 so far. One one basic nursing at the end of first quarter and one this quarter (3rd) on Peds and OB. I haven't taken the OB one yet, because they split us to makes clinicals more managable. 1/2 class has peds the other class OB. Anyways, on ours that we took in 1st quarter the highest someone got was a 83 i think, I think I was a 77, we all thought we did terrible but apparently those were good grades since the national average is 50%. As for the Peds I got a 66 and the highest was a 70. OB I think had a 75 as their highest. The majority of our students did get in the 60's range. Anyone else take this? Anything thoughts on how bad it sucked!
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