Any student pn/vn's graduating in the next month!

  1. I see alot of threads about starting a program and curiosity about the first week, but I want to know who's excited about their last weeks! I graduate 2/16, 22 more days and I am so excited!!! But talking to a few of my classmates, they are very apprehensive and nervous wrecks. I would like to know how those of you feel who are in your last few weeks filling out applications for licenses, preparing for exit exams and realizing that the instructors that allowed us to learn under their licenses will no longer be there as we enter a world of performing under our own licenses.

    I for one am very excited and can't wait to begin my journey in nursing and would like to congratulate those of you who have made it through your program and wish you the best in your future careers!!!

    Here's to us,
    :beercuphe :beercuphe

    Now onto more books, more sleepless nights, more clueless DON's, jacked up clinical sites and confusing instructors ahead in my RN program. Yayy.
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  3. by   jcinct
    I just finished last Friday. :spin: Couldn't be happier! I started my new job Monday and its very strange not having my instructor looking over my shoulder. I already sent in my application for my NCLEx...i just want to get it over with. Good luck to you.
  4. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    Congratulations JC, and good luck on the NCLEX!