Any feedback on Ohio medical career center lpn program?

  1. Hi, I have been researching on various Lpn schools in the area of Dayton, ohio and I found one called Ohio Medical Career Center and I am curious if anyone has heard of them or has been to school there. Is it a good program? Does the lpn course transfer? I would like any feedback thank you.

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  3. by   christinasugar
    Hey Rebecca, I just finished my third quarter at OMCC, just 10 more weeks before graduation!!! I have to say this school is awesome. It is an accredited school and the teachers are wonderful. Everyone here, from the program director to front desk person, is very helpful and polite. The best thing about this program is it is only 40 weeks long, very affordable, and you learn a lot. I am recommending OMCC to all my friends.

  4. by   MrsV
    I am also looking into this school. Any other reviews?
  5. by   kins1986
    I transferred from Miami Jacobs in February since my old school lost its accreditation. I'm surprised not many people have heard about OMCC becaise this school is just wonderful. For once I was able have all the financial obligation explained to me before class and enjoy a structured curriculum. This is my second quarter at OMCC and it already feels like we're part of a family. Our program director, Dr. Daisy, takes care of everyone here. She even found a scholarship for me to apply for. I will graduate in December and come back for the RN program next year. Hope this helps.
  6. by   student111
    I am currently a student in their LPN program and have been extremely disappointed with their LPN program. They are very low on equipment and supplies and we get no workbooks with our books. We didn't even get to keep our medical terminology book when we took the class. We do not have a lab to practice skills on. The uniforms they give us our very cheap. They give us a only one patch with their logo to put on our uniforms which looks very unprofessional because we have to pin or staple it to our uniform. They are very unorganized and we do not know our class schedule until a couple of days before class. Our clinical sites have been horrible. We only got to pass medications and do treatments one quarter on 1-2 patients and mostly spent our time doing aid work whereas other student at different schools get to precept a nurse for a quarter. I was very excited to start LPN school but wish I would have went to another school. Also, I am in the same quarter as Christina who posted but but there is no Christina in my class or previous classes. Interesting.
  7. by   raccooncity
    Thanks for the information, student111. I am an OCDish kind of person and I like to do my research before committing myself to a ten-month training program. I took medical terminology and STNA classes last month, hopefully will get into the July 25th class. I talked to the program director several times and asked similar questions.

    From my understanding, the reason we do not keep medical terminology textbook is because it is very expensive. I looked on Amazon and it's $80. Personally I would not spend $80 for a five-day class, so I'm actually glad they let us borrow the book instead purchasing one.

    Regarding uniforms, mine were covered by financial aid, so it's essentially free. My classmate said the uniforms and shoes are optional costs, so they were not required to buy them from school.

    I spoke with a couple students and they said the clinical experience was much better than Fortis or Miami-Jacobs. I guess it's a different experience for everyone, some absolutely loved the school, while others are more ambivalent. The same could be said about nursing in general, after hearing so many horror stories, I wonder if this is the correct career path for me.

    What attracted me the most about this school is that the admins are approachable and really care about your academic experience. If I am unhappy about something, there's always a person in charge I can go talk to, immediately.

    I enjoyed my STNA class and passed my state test on first try. Obviously I cannot extrapolate my experience, but from what I've seen, the class is decently organized. The expectations and responsibilities were explained to me clearly and concisely.

    But yeah, thanks for letting me know. I will see for myself and will definitely post more after I start class in July.
  8. by   tamikaray1235
    Hey no problem... I can definitely relate to that, this lady put me down the first time for something really trivial and I was like wth... So I went back to OMCC admission office, they told me not to give up and keep trying. The front desk person also gave me a list of other financial aid resources to try. I'm glad I didn't give up and eventually got my funding thru another caseworker. The person I talked to was very honest. She went over the cost with me in detail, that's how I found out that uniforms and shoes are optional costs and you don't have to purchase them from the school if you are not WIA covered. Oh yeah, I don't think FAFSA will cover STNA training but I may be wrong, check the priority boards for some local programs, PM me and I'll tell you what I know.
  9. by   MrsV
    I am starting the STNA class on Monday and I got my funding through Greene Works WIA. Hopefully if funding is still available after July 1st, I will be starting LPN classes on July 25th! They have been warning me it may not be available so I haven't taken my LPN entrance test yet. They seem a little unorganized in the admissions office but very helpful!
  10. by   tamikaray1235
    Congratulations MrsV! I'm taking my stna state test tomorrow. I think I'm going to work for a few months and then come back for lpn in october. It's a small school with an open-door policy, and a lot of stuff is going on, but based on my experience, I think they do care about us and they did go the extra mile to help me.
  11. by   DaveAlphaRN
    A close friend of mine was thinking about attending OMCC's LPN program so I called them with three simple questions. Three simple questions that should be asked of ANY LPN school:
    1. Does OMCC have any maturation agreements with any R.N. programs?

    The girl who answered the phone stated: "no, we are our own school".

    2. Is OMCC's LPN program NLN accredited?

    The girl who answered the phone stated: "yes, yes we are" -but I could find no evidence of this on the NLN website.

    3. What is OMCC's pass rate on the NCLEX?

    I was placed on hold and subsequently disconnected.

    I smell a waste of time and money.....
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