Announcement: New Sticky Added-LPN Students Suggested Reading

  1. Hello Students!

    Please note my new sticky placed in the LPN/LVN Student Forum. I am seeing that many of you are accepted into nursing school, an exciting, yet, overwhelming period of time in your lives. OF course, many of you are wondering what should be read before school starts or the incumbant students may find that some of the texts currently read may be difficult for you for whatever reasons. I experienced this as well. Through trial and error, I found the resources that best suited my needs-most while in school and even utilized now as references.

    While I am not claiming that they are the best, but I am hoping that many of you find a book or two that can support the reading that you are currently doing now to make your experience a success. My suggestion is that since these will probably be supplimental reading, try to purchase them used or borrow them from the library to cut down the extravagant nursing school costs.

    And, I wish you ALL the very best.
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