10 points from being lpn "program ready" should i transfer credits?

  1. I didn't know where to place this thread...so i decided this would be the best place. Here is my situtation: I have a bachelor degree in another field...graduated 2002. Okay i haven't been in school in LONG time...not even for credit courses. Okay..today i went to take the entrance/battery tests to see where i am at in terms of where they would place me at in the program. I am going for the LPN program. SOOOO i had a GREAT score in Reading and Writing and Pre-Algebra. My score for algebra was 11 points from being program ready (to begin taking the pre-courses before the main courses....med term, a&p, etc, etc). So the academic advisor said that i could transfer my math from the previous college and that would automatically make me program ready for the pre-courses. BUT she said that if i decide to take the remedial (sp?) maths....then i would have to take (example:math 1, 2, 3 and math 4 would be the one that would count toward being chosen for the lpn program along with the TEAS). She said it is up to me...that even though i could transfer my math credit...my score was low on the battery test for math and program ready mean just that...program ready.

    How i feel and think: Yeah transferring my math credit would be great...it would save me a year of math on an lpn program that is only 15 months in length by itself. On the other hand...when i did the test today...some of those problems i guessed because i had no earthly idea how to solve the problem. I am only 11 points from the LPN math...but we are talking about people's lives...so i do not want to go into a math class doing calculations and not "getting it". On the other hand on the last math i take will count toward the selection process and the other maths before that will be "refresher courses".

    Sorry that this post is long...but:

    How hard is med math?
    Do you need a firm/solid foundation in algebra to "get" med math?
    What would you do in my shoes? Would you take a year of math and then take the 15 months of LPN studies?

    I take this very seriously and i am not trying to "get" out of taking the remedial math. I know nursing means taking someone's life in my hands literally.

    thanks for any help...oh yeah...i have until feb 24 to retest on the algebra.
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  3. by   vindy
    I hate math! but I LOVE nursing math!!!! I am a C student in math- algebra and statistics, but I totally get nursing math and I am an A student in math =). If you're thinking about retesting, keep practicing the math. Have you signed up with the TEAS practice tests via ATI's website? That helped me lots to since I know I am not good with those kind of math questions. Hope this helps! Good Luck
  4. by   futuredivanurse
    thanks vindy for replying. My academic advisor gave me a pamphlet with websites to check out for practicing. I am hoping i do well this time...i go in for the retest feb 21. I have decided that i don't think i will transfer the credit if things don't go as planned. I haven't been in college in YEARS....so i have come to the point that what ever happens on feb 21 is what it is.