LPN/LVN jobs in St Petersburg/Pinellas Park,Fl.

U.S.A. Florida


Specializes in skill and long term care.

Good Day Allnurses family and friends,

I would really appreciate all the information that I can get at this time like STAT..I am moving to the area in about 3 weeks and will be looking for work as a LPN in a LTC/Rehab facility. My problem is that I need weekends only will be in school Monday - Friday..

Since I am moving from another state it is for hard for me to find this information out as fast as I need it so therefore I am asking for help:confused:.

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I work Baylor weekends in an LTC a few miles north of the location you mentioned.

Do you have skilled care experience? There might still be an open position on our skilled care hall for wknd 7a to 7p.

Do a search for LTCs in Pinellas county; then go to each one and apply and state you are looking specifically for weekends.

Specializes in skill and long term care.

I have over 17 years of experience working sub-acute,skill and long term care. I work with trach patients,wound vacs,IV's,PICC,mid-line,central lines,suction,BiPap,CPap,respiratory and etc......I thank you for the information

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