Who Hires Newly Licensed LPN's? - page 2

Hi, I'm new here and I'm going to take my NCLEX-PN licensure exam on April. I am confident I am going to pass and when I pass, of course, I am going to start job hunting. My question is; what types... Read More

  1. by   veemveem
    Hi JenniferTGSmith --Thank you so much for your kind and uplifting reply. I will always be positive and thanks for encouraging me to never forget confidence.
  2. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Definitely LTC! You will hear negative things of course, but you will hear it about any field. Skilled is where I learned the most and it really has prepared me to work in other capacities. I recently picked up a PRN job in AL, have 8 hours of orientation at most before I was thrown on the floor but I have been fine because my foundation is skilled. I am actually bored in AL and miss skilled lol! I am returning to my bridge program in the summer and once I graduate I still plan to stay in LTC so I think it's a fantastic place to start. It may be hard initially to find a job. I know you don't want to her negativity but I also wish someone would have prepared me for the reality that noone wants to hire a newbie LPN because they can hire a new RN for the same price per hour right now due to the hospital job shortage. Just take whatever you can get! Even if you have to work 4 PRN jobs. It took my nearly a year after graduating to secure a full time job and I was an STNA prior. This wait time is pretty normal for LPN's around here as well. Good luck to u!