where to first: nsg home or hosp?

  1. i'm a new LPN and i really want to know where i should work first. i've asked around and they are confusing me. one says start at the hospital because that's where you can get all your experiences on your orientation. another says you wanna lay-low first since you're a beginner and so should work in the nsg home. ....subacute is hard, long-term is not enough clinical experience. when i told them i may be accepting a job at the subacute, i was told it may be hard on me because it might be a lot of responsibilities and may not be a good idea for a new nurse. and also, which shift should i take first? i heard a lot of contradictions on this also. and most importantly, i want to know all of this because i don't want to risk loosing my new license as i've also told.
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  3. by   following_faith
    This is a great question! I am someone who wants to go straight to the hospital. But one day in class my teacher said that LTC was a great place to start because of the amount of assessment skills you will use. She said to work there for a year because a hospital will not hire you without a year's experience.

    Yet I see many, many people graduate as LPNs and go right into hospitals with no problems. In fact, in my area, the ones who are in LTC have a very hard time trying to get a job elsewhere because people assume that they have lost their skills-which we know isn't true.

    As for shift, I think that will have to be your own personal preference. Lifefstyle, family, pay (I think most places will pay differentials for nights) are all considerations. Good luck!

    I can't wait to hear what people think about this! Thanks for posting it!
  4. by   celestlyn
    Years ago when I first got my license I went to work in a busy family practice office. It was an invaluable experience. I did the usual back office stuff and that included assisting with minor surgeries like; vasectomies, lesion removals and circumcisions as well as sigmoidoscopies, blood drawing, lots of injections, lots of phone triage and prescription refills. I learned a huge amount at the office. When the office I was at closed, I decided to go for the hospital. I was hired onto a medical floor. It is a perfect place to work and learn. Our medical floor has a little bit of everything. We have people in detox as well as diabetic ketoacidosis. We might have a chest tube or trach. I love the fact that there is such a variety there. It was a great place to get experience. I'm working on my RN and hope to leave the medical floor at some point, but for now it's great. It is true that you need experience at a hospital. If they really need to fill a position you might get hired, but I'm sure I wouldn't have been hired if I hadn't been working in the office for years. You could maybe try a rehab facility. That is a step down from hospital, but a step up from long-term care facility. My daughter has been an RN at a rehab for 2 1/2 years and she recently went to an acute care hospital. She feels a bit overwhelmed right now since she's just starting, but she'll be fine. Good luck to you.
  5. by   LadyMarine
    Well, here is my two cents. I have been at the same nursing home for 3 1/2 years as a CNA and 4 months as a LPN. I really want to work at this small hospital that has great benefits and a great place to work. They just started a new program with LPNs in the ER doing minor care. They only hired 2 people out of 50 applicants. I got the job and a friend from school was also hired. I start Nov 7th. It is up to you what type of job you want. I dont like LTC, I get too attached and i hate routine. Good luck to you on whatever you decide. Nancy