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I have been an LVN in Texas for 9 years. I have worked in the OR as a scrub and anesthesia tech(one of very few Certified Anesthesia Technologists in the US) for 13 years. Upon successful... Read More

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    Quote from witnurse
    At our hospital an LPN is our OR Nurse manager. She is an excellent OR nurse and has been for over 20 years. Also, a male nurse at our facility is an ADN grad and just received his RNFA.
    I actually have my RNFA, and am a Diploma gradutate. But I do not have my certification...............you can go thru the training and even work as one, but you will not be able to sit for the certification exam.

    I just never had the time to prepare for the exam, too many other things going on when you could get the certification without the BSN. ( I have a BS in physiology, as well as an MBA, so would never consider going back for a BSN.)
    Your RNFA, is not certified, is working directly for the hospital and is not being paid or reimbursed by the insurance companies............big difference.