What can I expect at each shift? Patient assignments

  1. From your experience, can you help me describe a typical patient assignment. Either in a hospital or residential setting. Trying to get a feel of each shift.

    Day shift (0700-1500/0700-1900)

    Evening shift (1500-2300)

    Night shift (2300-0700/1900-0700)
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  3. by   EMR*LPN
    In LTCs, I've had as many as 66 patients for a 12 hr shift night shift. there were supposed to be 2 nurses but once they knew I could do it on my own they often would pull the other nurse to another area.
    In hospitals, depending on the unit-med/surg-6-12 pts for 3-11 shift, doing all of their meds except IVs and this was when we still did hs care and back rubs on all pts. ICU/CCU-3-5 pts and the RN did all meds.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.