Travel LPN assignments scarce

  1. I just completed my first travel assignment and it was the greatest experience ever professionally and personally. Unfortuantely I am now living with my Dad now until I find another assignment. The agency I chose had told me that half-way through the assignment that they would be working on my next assignment. Little did they tell me that the LPN travel needs aren't as great as they make them out to be.
    It's not as though I was being real picky about my job preferences either(north-east region, skilled-nursing/sub-acute/geri-psych). I have 9 years experience but being a first-year RN seems to trump that when it comes to travel nursing. Most recruitment companies won't even handle LPNs.
    Can someone relate, or even offer words of advice and encouragement?
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  3. by   NursePeace
    I dont even think we have any travel agencies that hire LPNs in Ohio. Ive searched because it does sound great. Most I think just want RNs. I havent found one yet, if ya know of any let me know.
  4. by   hottiemom04
    well there are alot of agencies out there for LPN, but the only resources are going to be online. it doesn't matter where the agency is located, what matters is where they have standing contracts.
  5. by   dkp59
    What travel agency did you go threw for an LPN. I would love to do that if I was not married.
  6. by   hottiemom04
    My first assignment was through Aureus Medical. If you want I can give you the name of my recruiter( I'm actually married with a three-year-old and they both came with me on assignment. It worked out great.
  7. by   dkp59
    Where is that travel agency located at? I hope you don't mind me asking