TEAS entrance test for Robert Morgan

  1. Has anyone taken this exam? Is it complicated?

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  3. by   LILLYRN
    LISTEN! It is easy as hell..... study from an SAT book.
  4. by   Ltorres5351
    Thank you so much for your info.
  5. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    The best way to study for the TEAS test is to buy the TEAS study guide from ATItesting.com (not sure that is the exact web address....but it's close enough so that you can find it). The TEAS test concentrates on basic reading, math, science and grammar skills. The first section (reading) was real easy, but the math was hard in that you didn't have a lot of time to solve a problem--I think you get a minute per problem so you will need to back solve or estimate an answer on some of the longish problems instead of sitting down to solve it from begining to end. The science section was sort of a crap shoot--some of the stuff I knew really well/other things I had never heard of and just guessed. I did well on my TEAS test, but I studied from the TEAS book for three weeks first. I also took the test in August while on break from school, so school work didn't get in the way.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   jimthorp
    I had to take it and IMHO it is a bonehead exam. I had been out of school for more than 20 years and had no trouble ranking in the 97th percentile without any preparation.
  7. by   Ltorres5351
    Hi Jimthrop what is IMHO?
  8. by   jimthorp
    Quote from Ltorres5351
    Hi Jimthrop what is IMHO?
    In my humble or honest opinion.