Starting to work again

  1. I was an LPN in the military. Two years ago, I found out that I was pregnant and decided to get out and finish my BSN. My husband (who is in the military still) was deployed and I decided to stay home with my son instead of going back to work.

    To make a long story short, we moved to a different state and my husband has deployed again. I am now looking for a position as an LPN. I am so scared because I haven't worked in almost two years. I was hired at a temp agency and they have told me that they will only put me in facilities where I would only have to do assessments and pass meds.

    Do any of you have any tips on how to ease back in to work?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Perhaps you should try developmental disabilities nursing, where you work in group homes. You'll assess and pass medications to stable residents of these group homes who just happen to have developmental disabilities. When I lived in Southern California these nursing positions were primarily filled by LVNs.