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Hello there....i'm only new in this site...could somebody out there help me?....I want to take up PN and my previous work is in a bank....i just want to change my career...Does an LPN require too... Read More

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    what is the difference between ADN and RN? Will it take longer years of studying to become an RN than ADN? Sorry for this question, 'coz we don't have ADN in my country.
    ADN = Associate Degree of Nursing

    A person who has earned an ADN is, by U.S. standards, an RN. There are three different ways an individual could become an RN in the U.S. In the states, an ADN program is a community college program of registered nursing.

    1. Earn an ADN and pass NCLEX-RN (2-3 years)
    2. Earn a BSN and pass NCLEX-RN (4 years)
    3. Earn a diploma and pass NCLEX-RN (3 years)

    The vast majority of U.S. RNs are ADNs.