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  1. Hey all,
    My name is ryan, I however am not an LPN. My lovely girlfriend is, here is how our problems started and maybe someone can help. My girlfriend janine lives in North Jersey and I live in South Jersey. Big problems when trying to maintain a relationship. Janine has been trying to move down to south jersey with me for about 6 months now and is running into trouble after trouble. She and i have spent many of nights looking for jobs for her. She is not willing to move without a job lined up and i truthfully can not blame her. So my questions are, 1 why is it so hard for an LPN to try and find a job in south jersey, and 2 if she can not find a job in south jersey near me, Philadelphia is really close but how does she get her license transferred to Philadelphia? Someone please help before I go insane from being alone.
    Ryan and Janine
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  3. by   iwanna
    She would contact the board of nursing in Pennsylvania. I had a license in Pennsylvania, but a few years later I found a job in Ohio(live close to border). It was no problem getting a license. I had a dual license, but when my PA license was up for renwal, I chose not to renew it. So, you don't really "transfer" the license. You just apply for the state where you have obtained a job. It does not take long at all. Mine came in a week.
    Has she tried looking on the internet?, certain nursing job sites. I would think that Philadephia is a major city, and that it should not be too difficult. Perhaps, she should post her resume on internet. But, most LPN jobs are in long term care. That is the way in my area. The only hospital jobs are in long-term units.
    Good luck to both of you!
  4. by   LPNinneed
    wow thanks so much, she was under the impression it would take 3 months and has been having trouble trying to find out info on how to get her license transferred. We are so excited that it only took you a week she is willing to work anywhere just to get down here. So all she has to do is contact the board and they will help walk her through it? Do you think she should go looking for a job now or wait to get info from the board? Oh and did you have as much trouble trying to find employment or is she just unlucky? Thank you so much for the quick response. I am so excited
    ry and janine
  5. by   iwanna
    In my area in PA, jobs are plentiful for LPN's in long-term care. I had taken my boards in March of 97. I applied to a hospital in April, but did not get that job. But, the following month I applied for a nursing home job and was hired. But, like I said in my area jobs are plentiful in LTC.
    It is up to her, if she wants the license before looking for the job. It costs $40 in PA for a license. Or, she can wait until she is actually hired. The nursing board is pretty quick. In fact, I got my papers to re-activate my PA license in 5 days. I was out of the field for a few years. I called the state board of nursing, and they sent me the application within 5 days. I would say total, it may be about 2 weeks. They may send her a temporary permit to work, first. Then, they will follow up with the actual license. It does not take three months. I am sure that she will find something.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    It may take some time to have a license obtained in another state. I live in New York, and I was told by one of the agencies I work for that they have opportunities for what we do in Jersey, and I can be added on if I obtain my Jersey license. When I contacted their BON, I found out that it takes a few months, and about $250 to do this. They do a check first, then, if everything clears, I would receive a letter to go somewhere for fingerprints, taking a total of about two to three months. I decided it was not worth it to me, because I would probably not get many assignments to make up for the aggreviation.

    I would tell her to certainly gather the information together to start, so that she can obtain employment by the time she wishes to make a permanent move. It is worth it, if she plans to move elsewhere permanently. My situation would have been seasonal, so, I didn't bother, and have enough opportunities in New York. Good luck!