PICC line flush and ear irrigation

  1. i have questions reguarding scope of practice..
    1.. can LPNs do a saline flush to a PICC line, than hang an ABT bag, than flush again with saline, than flush with heparin? (SASH method).
    2.. can LPNs do ear irrigations?
    3.. can LPNs do admissions?
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  3. by   NurseyTee
    I would guess it depends on your state's scope of practice for LPN's. Generally LPN's can't TOUCH a PICC line, especially without IV certification. And definitely no piggy backs.

    LPN's can generally do ear irrigations, I do them all the time.

    LPN's can do admissions with certain employers. Generally an RN has to officially do it, but where I work we do the assessment and paperwork and an RN signs off on it. So I guess technically the answer is no to admissions too. But like I said, it depends on your facility what they want you to do.

    Hope this helps. When in doubt, contact your state's BON. You can lose your license for over stepping the boundaries of your scope.
  4. by   nursedawn67
    It depends on your facilities policies, I'm an LPN and do all that you listed.