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    I am a paralegal, or was a paralegal, I am a stay at home mom now. I am considering enrolling in an LPN program in my town. I was wondering if you all knew or thought that my legal degree might be helpful in allowing me to have a decent starting salary. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

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  3. by   Fiona59
    If you have a degree why aren't you considering the RN second degree option?
  4. by   so_jaded
    Quote from Fiona59
    If you have a degree why aren't you considering the RN second degree option?
    The lpn program is a lot easier to get into in my area. I know it doesn't make much sense. I only need three prereqs to apply for the ADN program, but I would have to wait 6 months to apply and if i was accepted another 6 months before the program actually starts. And the program takes 2 years total. my husband would like to go back to school for nursing also. he can't leave his job until i get a job paying close to what he makes. he wants to be out of his job by the time our son gets in kindergarten, which doesn't give me enough time for the RN. so i figured if i do LPN (11 month program) and eventually do the bridge option it would work out better for our family. BTW, my legal degree is an associates.
    i hope this makes sense.

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  5. by   LPN01112005
    I also am a certified paralegal who left the field to go to nursing school. As an LPN, my salary is roughly 12K a year less than I was making as a litigation paralegal. What I have found in nursing is that it doesn't really matter what your previous education was, if you are an LPN you will be paid the LPN salary at your facility. You may be able to command more money as a nurse consultant to a law firm, but I think most legal nursing positions are RN's.

    I chose LPN for the same reasons you are considering....a 2 year wait for the RN program. Thought I'd do LPN and then bridge, but right now, I'm sick to death of school and I may never go back. I'm loving my job in LTC and I'm happy with my salary, even though it's less than I'd make if I were an RN and much less than in my previous career. Of course I'm over 40, and really just want to do bedside care, so there isn't a whole lot of motivation for me to return to school.