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  1. Hi everyone~! My first post...have been considering returning to nursing after a 3 year absence. Would like to hear from anyone that has done online programs, especially LPNs that have gone on to RN.

    I am no kid...50's had my LPN license since 1982 and did LTC full time, leaving nursing 3 yrs ago. I worked in another totally unrelated field (real estate sales) because I needed to make more $$ for college for kids. Last one graduates in June, YAY:spin: , no more tuition payments!

    Anyway, am at a point in my life where what I am doing now (sales) is lucrative but not really that fulfilling (other than the $$) I am self employed, make good money at it but feel the need to do something more useful. I am thinking of getting back to nursing but don't especially relish the idea of LTC as an LPN. I would like to go on to become and RN and would like to hear from ANYONE that has done online Nursing, and anyone that has returned to the field after an absence like mine. Thanks to all that respond!
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  3. by   jamangel
    Indiana State University has a program that's online. You could also do Excelsior which is self-paced.
  4. by   nurseybertie

    I am an LPN working in home health sales and admissions. you might investigate something along those lines. The pay is way better than that of an LPN. I actually doubled my income by taking this position. I am going to pursue my RN/BSN as I would love to open my own HHCA. Good luck to you.
  5. by   rosemaryferri
    hmmm, that sounds interesting. Care to elaborate on your that type of work? I would love to hear a little about it, where you do this, the hours,etc?

    Thanks! & Happy New Year!
  6. by   nurseybertie
    Hi Rosemary

    The jobs are usually found listed as Marketing Rep, Acct. manager, Nurse liaison or Home Health Coordinator. The job itself varies from agency to agency, but at my Agency the responsibilities include: Educating medicare population about Home Health Care Services, Calling on Physicians, ARNP's
    Hospital Case managers and Nursing Home Social Service depts and asking them to refer their Patients to our Agency. We do Health Fairs and Trade Shows and Sponsor Lunches ETC. The Job also has us evaluate all Patients prior to Admission. We do our initial assessment before the pt leaves a facility to ensure they are appropriate for Home care. It is a really great job, somewhat competitive, I guess it depends on where you live and how many agencies are in the market. I typically do not work weekends, my rotation for a weekend shift comes once every 5 weeks or so, evn then it's an on-call type thing. I like just about everything it envolves except the paperwork, but that is how it goes in sales, reports, quotas, market predictions, and the like. There are some really great Agencies out there.
    You might start by calling a few and see if they need a seasoned saleswoman or look at some of them on the web. I can't mention names on this site, but if you email me I can give you a list to check out. You may also want to check out Home Infusion Companies, Nursing homes, Rehab Centers and medical Equipment and Device Sales. They all look to hire people with medical backgrounds. Anway, happy new year and Good Luck.
  7. by   rosemaryferri
    Hi Roberta, send you a pm, thanks for you reply, if you want to email me that info you can't post, here's my email : thanks!