Ok, just a question for you guys looking to go RN.

  1. I'm going to call all my local schools which offer LVN/LPN programs tommarow. Do a little price shopping, and see the locations, etc before I make my deicsion. (Made some bad ones before for a different program, 14k later I want to be sure).

    I just wanted to ask the more experienced people here what questions I should ask when calling? I know with some problems California certification inst the same as say national? So what exam do I need to be able to sit for at the competition of the program in order to sign up for an LVN to RN, BRN, etc?

    Any for those in the So Cal area, and recommendations on good schools?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I attended Casa Loma College's LVN program in 2005. They have two (2) Southern California locations, one in Van Nuys, and the other located in Hawthorne.

    They are reputable, and have been around since 1966. All state-approved LVN programs in California will permit you to sit for the NCLEX-PN. Good luck, and keep us informed regarding your decision.
  4. by   HeartJulz
    Just make sure the school is fully accredited... you can find out which schools are on the main nursing site.. forget the exact website but you can google it... also there are percentages for the students who passed their NCLEX which makes it nice.. kinda gives you a feel for if they have reputable teachers who actually give you knowledge and are helpful or just treat us nursing students like we're babies and at a very entry level... good luck in all your endeavors...