Nurse to resident ratio?

  1. Hello to all !! I'm sure that this has been asked before but I MUST ask again!! What is the average nurse to resident ratio at a LTC facility including sub-acute? I've been going on job interviews and open houses and this is a question that seems to go unanswered. One place did tell me that I would be responsible for 30 residents on the 3-11 shift but I thought that the legal number was 15. I don't know!!
    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   huskersfan
    I work in Medicare skilled rehab. I usually have 14 pt with an aide. Responsible for the assessment, meds, charting , dr calls etc. It is very busy, hard work,j but the day flies by. There are 3 nurses and 3 aides on our floor and a secretary and unit manager. Some days go better than others.
  4. by   dcoffee
    I don't know if it varies from State to State, but I'm out here in California, I have just under a year of experience and right now I am passing meds, doing treatments, doctors orders and med reordering for 45 residents in a Skilled Nursing Facility. I have searched everywhere for a ratio or law or regulations, and I'm in a Private Pay facility, these patients are paying 5,000 to 15,000 a month to be there! Please let me know if you find some legal stuff about this problem.....
  5. by   TheCommuter
    California is the only state that has nurse-patient ratios, and these ratios only apply to acute care facilities (also known as hospitals). Legally mandated ratios do not apply to any nursing homes in any state.

    Back to the original question.....I had 33 residents at my first job seven months ago. Six weeks later I switched jobs and now have 18 patients at a more upscale facility closer to my home.
  6. by   Hopeslayer
    I have been licensed for 2 months, and I work in LTC on a sub-acute unit on 11-7. The floor has anywhere from 30 to 36 PTs depending on the day. Since I work nights I am the only nurse on the unit. I have two CNA's to assist me.