North carolina LPNs

  1. Where did you do your LPN program? What is the average starting pay for an LPN in Nc? You don't have to state your exact pay, I'm just curious. I start the program in August, and I was told that LTC facilities pay more than hospitals. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    The starting pay in wake county(Raleigh) in nursing homes is anywhere from 18-20 per hour. Shift diffs 1-2.50 an hour. Hospitals. Wake Med offers 13.88 fresh out of school to seasoned 20.00 an hour. Most hopsitals in the area do not hire LPNs especially new grads so your pretty much stuck with LTC or doctors offices.
  4. by   nursedudeforchrist
    Thanks! I am more than likely going to move to Raleigh when I'm done.