New to this, second thoughts on nursing.

  1. Bear with me, i'm new to this. I have actually been an lpn for 5 years and have worked in a variety of settings, but I am really beginning to question if I should be doing this. The top reason is I hate giving injections. Right now I am working in a clinic and we give quite a few IM'S. I think my confidence is beginning to fade. I literally become ill thinking about giving injections and the thought of hurting someone scares me to death. We give shots to babies, which I am trying to get used to, but it just is so hard for me. Also, the other day I was giving a young man a TD shot in his deltoid and somehow when I was going to aspirate, i didn't have a good grip and the needle totally withdrew from his arm and I had to restick him, after explaining to him what happened he seemed ok, but then I just panicked and stuck him with the same needle, so now I am scared he will get infected. THis is so embarassing. Any advice.
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    My advice might sound too simplistic, but it seems quite obvious to me.

    Why don't you find a job that requires you to administer few or no injections? :stone