New job offer

  1. Found out I'm six weeks pregnant after Getting a new job offer at a health clinic.
    Do I take the job ??
    I know I won't be able to get the FMLA benefit since I wouldn't have been there long enough ... I feel like its worth the change for my sanity ... or should I stay at the ltc facility I am at right now where everyone is unhappy, patients are unhappy and there are a lot of errors occurring everyday that the don does not want to look at.
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  3. by   HyzenthlayLPN
    I would ask myself a coupld of questions:

    1) How will the stress of working at the current job affect the pregnancy? Some folks handle stress well, others (like myself) just don't.

    2) You know up front that you won't qualify for FMLA. That doesn't mean your employer won't give you leave. I was hired in July as a new LPN at a LTC/SNF, had my baby in November and came back that following January. BUT....worse case scenario, if you found yourself without a job after you have your there a reasonable Plan B? What is the job market like in your area? Could you afford to be unemployed for a bit?

    3) Do you have short-term disability for your maternity leave that would be affected by the job change?

    4) Will you have to change health insurance/providers?
  4. by   Kimberly07
    I don't handle stress well.
    If the new employer will not consider taking me back after maternity leave than I would get another job ( my current employer now - I can stay per diem ) and always have openings.
    Nursing is in high demand right now
    Also, I don't have short term disability and I won't have to change my plan or providers.

    With the above, I want to move forward with this new offer but I have such a hard time with change