new job...just found out pregnant - page 2

hello, im new here and i recently graduated and got a position at a big hospital in our area. i am supposed to start training next week but 1st i have to have a complete physical. i found out sunday... Read More

  1. by   anxious
    sorry i dont have any advice about the job but I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS
  2. by   KatieBell
    While it is not necessary to tell them about your pregnancy, it would probably be very appreciated by your nurse Manager if you told her as soon as you can. Just because if you hide it the NM could interpret it an a dishonesty thing. The NM is going to have to plan some replacement for you, and while that is some months away, it would probably be good for the NM to have it in mind as she is requesting for staffing from the higer ups.
    It is awkward, and I would be really scared to say anything also!

    Congratulations on your Upcoming Delivery!!!!:hatparty: