Need Help! Want to Switch Specialties!

  1. Hey everyone! I'm an lpn and I've been working in long term care since march of last year. I'm looking for a change because I've been thinking for a while that I don't think I want to work in long term care forever.

    What else can I do with my diploma? How will I know which specialty will be right for me?
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  3. by   Alex Egan
    Dialysis *
    Home Health
    Private Duty (adult or pediatric) *
    Camp (seasonal) *
    CNA/MA instruction *
    Mental Health
    Clinic Work
    Surgical Scrub

    Take your pick. That's just what falls out of my head. * means I have done it and can answer questions.
  4. by   Newgurl17
    Does it go without saying that you never know if you're going to be good for a specialty until you try it out?
  5. by   Alex Egan
    I would say about half the time I didn't find it to be to my liking. Weather it was because of the employer or the job, who could tell.

    It's scary to move jobs and financially risky. Do you're due diligence and try and find a few nurses working in that specialty to talk to first. That way you get he real scoop and are going into the situation more aware.
  6. by   quiltynurse56
    The beginning of this year, I moved from LTC to Private Duty Pediatric nursing. I am loving the PDN. It wasn't hard. I applied to the agencies that do PDN in my area and was hired on.