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I wanted everyones input on whether the nclex was difficult or easy. I passed with 85 questions but let me tell you, no amount of studying prepared me for that test. I walked away swearing I failed.... Read More

  1. by   babydoll99_99
    I just got my results today and I passed YAY!!! The NCLEX was HARD. I graduated from my program with a 4.0 and did TONS of practice questions with Saunders-PN, and nothing prepared me for what that test was. I passed with 85 questions, so I must have learned something, but there were diseases and meds on mine that I had never even heard of.

    I will say that Saunders-PN prepared me for the format of testing. I was very comfortable with the way they asked the questions, and what they were trying to ask. I would practice with the CD that comes with the book and do the 100 question exams at least once a day. Focus on the areas you know you are weak on, because the way the test is set up you will get more questions on those cause you tend to miss more so it flip flops back and forth between easy and harder on that subject.
  2. by   baylay
    Babydoll99_99: Thank you for that post! I take mine on Monday and am so nervous I can't think straight. And I've been practicing from Saunder's so that makes me feel better. Someone posted that it wasn't anything like Saunder's so I was lost how to study but now I'm better.

    I can't wait to get this overwith. This is the hardest!
  3. by   ITsurvivor06
    prayer, my experience was exactly like babydoll's. as for meds, i had maybe 10 med questions, and i swear i had never heard of any of them. i too used the saunders cd, but many of the questions on the exam were really, really hard, and i don't feel the preparation i did helped much. sometimes i was sure none of the answer choices was correct! i was sure i failed, but i passed at 85. and again, i had never heard of any of the meds. so it's a crapshoot as far as preparation. good luck-i'm sure you'll do fine!!
  4. by   babydoll99_99
    Remember, almost everyone walks out of the test thinking that they failed. If the questions are super hard that means you are at a more difficult level of the test and it is actually a good thing for passing. There is a really good thread that helped me before the test here.

    This was really helpful for getting me into the frame of mind for testing. GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   baylay
    Thanks babydoll99_99! That thread hit it right on! I printed it out to read it again when I need it.
    I feel as ready as I think I can be and I WILL pass when I take the test Monday. (thinking positive thinking positive)
  6. by   babydoll99_99
    You will do GREAT! Good Luck! Keep us posted on how you do.
  7. by   baylay
    Ok. Took it yesterday. Am feeling the same way you all are posting you feel! It shut off at 85 and the questions were nothing I thought they'd be. No calculations, about 10 meds. knew 5 of them, the others had never heard of. The rest of the ques. were all across the board but what was hard was the choice of answers. They all seemed really close so it was hard figuring out the better one. Or they all seemed wrong! With Saunders it was much easier and I had no problem.

    I didn't feel too bad when I left but after getting home I looked up some and realized I was wrong.

    Now to wait for the Calif. snail mail! How many days???
  8. by   babydoll99_99
    I'm sure you did great! Remember you can get 40% of the questions wrong and still pass. That is the way the test is set up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you
  9. by   baylay
    I passed! It took 2 days shy of 3 wks to receive results in the mail.
    I'm so relieved!
    Thanks for all the support from these helpful threads. They really did help put my mind at ease somewhat.
    Thanks again!
    Wooo Whoo :hatparty::hatparty::hatparty:smiley_aayeah:
  10. by   poohbear73
    Congratulations Baylay! You got your results alot faster than I did. I sent my paperwork back last saturday and by tuesday my name and license number was posted. Very happy for you!!! Now you can rest at ease. Its such a load off your back..isn't it?
  11. by   baylay
    Yes it is a HUGE load off!
    I turned around the same day and got my check in the mail so hopefully it won't take too long to get the license. Have you gotten the actual license yet.
    Do you think we could get a job with it posted? The employer could check it that way. Or do we have to wait until we have an actual card?
    Do you have a job yet?
    Thanks again for all your info on what to expect etc. :flowersfo
  12. by   changeofpaceRN
    I too walked out of the center swearing I failed and just plain swearing too haha.. I know I answered 2 correctly.. the rest was a shot in the dark! I too passed with 85 questions and I thank God every day I don't have to retake it. I used 5 books and studied for 3 months for this test- I think I would have done just as good if I never opened the books and had a few drinks beforehand. Not recommending that but I'm basically saying- it's not about book smarts.. it's about real life what would you do..
  13. by   eric909
    has anyone not passed the test with 85? i felt the same as changeofpace and almost felt studying was waste of time except for refreshing the basics.