1. When you take the NCLEX, do you just answer ?s or do you also have to show your skills in front of someone?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The NCLEX is a form of CAT (computer adaptive testing). In other words, you sit in front of a computer and answer questions until the computer has determined your level of competency with 95 percent certainty.

    This examination is designed so that the vast majority of students answer only 50 percent of the questions correctly. This test works like a balancing beam: if you answer questions correctly, the computer throws progressively harder questions right back at you. If you miss questions, the computer spits out questions that it deems to be 'easy.' Therefore, very few people leave the test center feeling absolutely certain that they passed. You must answer a certain number of higher difficulty questions in order to pass.

    Also, you do not receive a score for NCLEX. It is either pass or fail.