1. can anyone give me info on moving to the charles city/montgomery county area. i have just graduated from lpn school and need to move like now. my husband is a cheating jerk and i have to go. i can't take one more day with him. i know the cost of living in MD is more than VA where i live now, but i have 2 kids and my house is just a mess. i am willing to work wherever i can get my foot into the door. it seems the only ads in the washington post ae for RN's. i'm taking my prereq's starting in january @ a community college online in richmond va. any help would be appreciated. thanx
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    From what I've heard, the job opportunities for LPNs are more abundant further south (especially North Carolina) and the cost of living is much cheaper.
  4. by   Mizzyfrufru
    wow, i didn't know that....thank you so much for your help.