Mississippi LPN's (Questions?)

  1. I am in Mississippi and applying to the LPN program here, and I am trying to locate anyone who has received their LPN in this state.
    I desperately am looking for someone who can tell me if it is possible to go through the HInds Program and also work as a CNA for the year long program.
    I also have questions about CNA pay and where to get certified. I need to work while I'm in school for retirement with the State System Peers?
    If you are not in MISS. and would have advice or if you've experienced working while in LPN school....please respond

    Thank You
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  3. by   blueberrybon
    I'm sorry, I'm in Washington State so I don't have any information at all, except to say that at least 80 - 90 percent of my LPN class worked as CNAs while in the LPN program. So whatever the Hinds program is, I think working while going to school is very doable.

    But I did want to say "hi, and good luck in all of that!"

    Sounds like you have a plan and an idea of how you might be able to pull it off, that's a good start.

  4. by   tikip01
    I am from South Miss, You can go to a nursing home and take a CNA class and work while in Lpn school. It does make it a little harder but you can do it. i dont know about Hinds hours i went to MGCCC talk to the nursing home and ask them to work with you, they always need help and they figure that if they work with you as a CNA you might stay as an LPN.