LVN License and address change

  1. I recently moved and filled out the paperwork to have my address properly changed with in the 30 day time period. The BVNPT called and left me a message confirming the address change. I was just curious, do they send me an updated license with my new address or do I need to purchase a new one? How does that work? My current license has my old address (parents house). Anyone been through this before and know how it works? Thanks
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  3. by   T-Bird78
    My state doesn't automatically send a new one, you have to pay $25 for one, but as long as it's updated in the state's system you should be good. They can still pull up your license number and your correct address will be on there. If it's just an address change I wouldn't worry about a replacement anyway.
  4. by   pepperrr
    Okay thank you. I wasn't sure because I just got my license in August and haven't had to do any changes yet.