LPN to RN transition course

  1. Does anyone know if there is an online lpn to rn transition course? my college nursing dept chairperson tells me today......oh, theres only 20 seats in the class and it is full, and there is a waiting list for next spring (class only offered in spring) and go figure you need this class completed before you can apply for the LPN to RN accelerated Nursing program at this school. Please, I'll be 90 by the time I get in lol. Any suggestions??
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  3. by   ashemson
    I sent off for a packet from an online course call College Network. You start anytime, work at your own pace, and can do your LPN to ADN, LPN to BSN, etc. They have their own financing too. They have a website that you can request a packet from.
  4. by   RN34TX
    The College Network is not a school!
    They do not grant nursing degrees.
    They are a publishing company who design study guides to help you pass distance program exams.
    Most likely, they are selling study guides to help you pass Excelsior's exams.
    I'm not bad mouthing College Network, but soooo many people think that they are an LPN to RN program but they are not. Their ads and literature can lead you to believe that they are a school and that's what they want you to believe.
    I am an Excelsior grad and didn't do it through any publishing company, I went directly through the school only.
    Many of us here will tell you that you can do it without paying thousands to these publishing companies.
    I'm not trying to advertise nor advocate for Excelsior either. It too, has it's problems. Many, many threads are here on that topic.
    But like you, I was an LPN/LVN who was sick of hearing the same song and dance about waiting lists for transition programs and didn't want to be 90 by the time I got my RN license. It worked for me.

    Just check with your state board of nursing before attempting any distance program. There is a lot of controversy today and some boards of nursing are making changes in their rules on licensure requirements.