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  1. Good Afternoon. I am hoping for a little advice. I am 43 and had three years of college a million years ago. Last year I decided that I wanted to be a nurse and went to community college. I had a 4.0 but the wait list was so long. I got into a program at MCI for Rn school and did well on the testing. I made A's in the prereqs; however, had problems in the first mod (personal and with the class) and flunked A&P. Awful. I am now out of the program but they have offered for me to attend the LPN program. I really don't have much info in the difference in the jobs and employment opportunities. Can anyone give me advice please? I had really wanted to work in a hospital. My anatomy teacher said I might be better at the class in the LPN program. It would be terrible if I failed again, but as I said, there were pretty terrible home circumstances at the time. Thanks to anyone who can give me any advice on LPN nursing and MCI's program.
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    I don't know about the program you are inquiring about, but I can say that LPN opportunities strongly depend on where you live. From reading this forum, I am seeing that many LPNs have difficulty obtaining hospital positions, but this doesn't seem to be everywhere. However, many people feel that there is limited growth in remaining an LPN. Opportunities are usually found in nursing homes, assisted living, home care, corrections, rehab centers to name a few.

    Some LPNs feel that they are doing close to the same job as RNs, therefore, return back to school to receive the recognition, pay and opportunities that RNs have available to them. I believe what I would do is start inquiring what the job market is like for LPNs, are they hiring at all, the pay, etc, and see from there. Also, see if your state accepts Excelsior because many LPNs have become RNs through this on line program, and there are more LPN to RN bridge programs making it easier for the practical nurse to transition to registered nursing.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Thank you so much for your advice. I feel so out of my element with all of this. Also, I love that quote by Maya Angelou. I am reading one of her books now and she is a wonderful writer.
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    What about the CMA?
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    Tell me about that???
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    If you really want to work in a hospital, I would try to stick it out in your current nursing program if you can. I am an LVN working in a hospital and yes I pretty much do most of what the RN's do. But I am currently in school to finish my schooling and was just accepted into the nursing program. Why? Because about two years ago the hospital deciced it wanted all RN's on the floor. They changed their minds, but I kept going anyway. Keep going if you want to work in a hospital.