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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   Beary-nice
    Been a LPN for 17 years and get $15.70 an hour. That is my flat rate with no differential.
  2. by   exnavygirl-RN
    Agency LPN's down here make. $18.00-$22.00/hr
  3. by   carrieLPN2006
    I live in ohio, very small town, I am a new graduate just started my first job in a ltc facility and I make 13.30 an hour prn.
  4. by   islandgirl2005
    In Hawaii
    Assisted living is starting at 18/hr
    Agency makes 25/hr
    hope this helps...
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  5. by   HI50
    Does anyone out there work as an LPN in the San Antonio and/or surrounding areas? I may be relocating there and wanted some information about good places to work and pay rates. My experience is long-term care and (almost) 2 years under my belt. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  6. by   luvnrsng
    Hello everybody. I started @26.00 dollars an hour in California. $30 on night shift. Most places start @ 25.00.
  7. by   baylay
    Quote from luvnrsng
    I started @26.00 dollars an hour in California. $30 on night shift. Most places start @ 25.00.
    Do you mind if I ask where they pay $26.00? I've heard starting pay for LVN in Van Nuys Area is 18.00. $26.00 is much better and makes me feel a little better about how hard I'm working for this license! But money's not everything. As long as it's fulfilling and enjoyable!
  8. by   SM08nurse
    Hello everyone, I'm an LPN in Kansas City and have been working Agency for the past three years, last year I topped my salary at $40,000 due to overtime with one agency. I am now looking for employment and it seems the hospitals are not hiring LPNs. Does anyone know of a good place to work paying more than $16 per hour?
  9. by   RedHeadNurse2B
    Quote from hope1978
    i will be graduating in 4 months. does anyone have any recent insight on lvn pay rates in fort worth, texas? am interested in anything except ltc...any advice would be greatly appreciated...
    i just graduated this month and i am starting at $18/hr and $19/hr for 2-10 shift in ltc. i'm just doing prn right now until i get another ft job else where. from what i hear, the large hospitals in dfw do not pay very well for lvn's in comparison to ltc. that is, if you can get a job there, they mostly want rn's. for example, jps starts lvn's at $12.98/hr. no thanks. another option is a rehab or ltac hospital which hire more lvn's and pay more than traditional hospitals and probably have better benefits than most nursing homes.
  10. by   HI50
    Hi there! I'm an LPN in hawaii and am thinking about relocating to Texas, San Antonio or Austin. For those of you who work in these areas know if the LPN liscence transfers to LVN when I would get a liscence in Texas or is there some extra steps I may need to take? I realize that both types of liscences are the same the initial are just different. Also, any information on rate of pay would be greatly appreciated. Also are these good areas to live?? Thanks for any tips>
  11. by   herrera2
    I heard Baylor pays good for weekend night plan

    Quote from Baambi
    [FONT="Impact"]Just out of curiosity, are you male or female? $72,000 a year is VERY good. I am an LPN and since 1996 have gotten my Associates degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling, a BS in Human Services with a secondary in Administration of Substance Abuse Programs and with the grace of my "higher Power", I will graduate this coming July with my Master's in Health Adminiustration. I am 60 years old and have been disabled for 11 years. In that last year of work I was administrator of an adult home and was making $45,000 with no degrees, just my license.

    I continued my education to keep my mind fresh and sharp. I also figured with a Master's I could pick a job that works around my disabilities (I need an electric scooter).

    I live in NY and would really like to move south/west. Does anyone know how the pay is in Arizona? I am glad to be able to chat here, even though I have the degrees the only work field that I know is as an LPN. : thankya:
  12. by   herrera2
    I now work in the waco area doing pedi homehealth. I make 18.50 at one company and 19.00 at another. no benefits however.

    Quote from RedHeadNurse2B
    I just graduated this month and I am starting at $18/hr and $19/hr for 2-10 shift in LTC. I'm just doing PRN right now until I get another FT job else where. From what I hear, the large hospitals in DFW do not pay very well for LVN's in comparison to LTC. That is, if you can get a job there, they mostly want RN's. For example, JPS starts LVN's at $12.98/hr. No thanks. Another option is a rehab or LTAC hospital which hire more LVN's and pay more than traditional hospitals and probably have better benefits than most nursing homes.
  13. by   tarkuh
    Here in Southern Cali, LVNs at hospitals usually starts at 14.00. Psych hospital is 16.00. I am working on LTC right now at 21.00 flat rate. The agency rate is 22.00 on weekdays and 24.00 on weekends. It is hard to rely on agencies because hospitals and most healtcare setting prefer RNs.

    I am back to school taking subjects at community college to go get into the RN program. It will take years. The RN to LVN accelerated program through exelsior has been stopped for years now. It's not easy working and then schooling with family, but if I want to get paid better with much option on the nursing field, I have to do it. Our job job as an LVN is hard as well. We do everything except IV meds.