LPN...after 10yrs going back...where do I take classes etc.?

  1. I have not worked in 10yrs and prior to leaving nursing, I only worked about a yr or 2. I worked this past wknd as a private nurse and loved it. Realized...this is where I need to be and where my passion is. I have 3 Bachelor degrees and am in the process of entering a bridge program. Where can I go to refresh/update not only my education but my clinicals? Any suggestion are greatly appreciated!! TY in advance....
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Just a couple of things. Contact the local PN training school to see if they offer refreshers for those who haven't worked for a while. I know my college does a re-entry programme.

    Can I ask how you kept a license if you haven't worked in 10 years? We have to work 1000 hours every three years to be eligible to retain a license?
  4. by   Love2BSmart
    I am in Orlando FL. We have to do our CEU's every 2yrs but no hours. Thank you for the suggestion. I will call the school where I originally received my LPN and see what they offer. I am in January taking classes for my RN. I have 3 other degrees but my heart is still in nursing. Where are you located?
  5. by   frodo
    I went back after being out 20 years, i had kept my license, no ceu's no working, i ws darn lucky. Knew i would want to go back eventually. I was mentored by several nurses and took iv course and did fine. It was scary tho for me. been back 5 years now. wouldn't change it for anything, i enjoy nursing, most of the time!!
  6. by   Fiona59
    How do you accumulate 35 years of experience when you were "out" for 20 and are 53yo???
  7. by   frodo
    well, I graduated at 18from LPN schooling. I had done home care (off and on) during the time i was out, which i didn't mention.(as it was for family and friends mostly hospice type )), I meant i have retained my license for that many years,sorry, didn't mean to mislead. i removed this and will stop posting, just wanted to try and help someone. happy thanksgiving to all.
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