Licenses in other do u get one?

  1. Hey guys I found out I passed the NCLEX on Dec 20th I took the test on the 17th.....My license just came in the mail today (Dec 24th) pretty quick right, well anyway I was just wondering if any of you knew how to go about getting licenses in other states. I live in Pennsylvania and would like a license in Delaware and New Jersey, I know I don't have to re-take the NCLEX but what do I have to do?
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  3. by   agldragonRN
    congratulations nurse!!!!

    you need to apply for endorsement/reciprocity in your chosen state(s).

    here is the info for nj,

    it takes a while to get endorsed in nj.

    here is the one for delaware:

  4. by   aviahhasmyheart
    Oh wow thank u so much for that !!!!!!!!!:spin:

    AglDragon is the BEST!!!!!!!!
  5. by   agldragonRN
    yup. good luck with everything.
    i hope to be in your shoes very soon.

    congratulations again for passing the nclex.

    happy holidays!!!!

  6. by   worriedwart07
    Can I ask ,what about getting your license , in lets say, California? I have my NJ License. I know for Pa you can do the reciprocity thing but what about a non-neighboring state? Thanks
  7. by   agldragonRN
    Quote from worriedwart07
    can i ask ,what about getting your license , in lets say, california? i have my nj license. i know for pa you can do the reciprocity thing but what about a non-neighboring state? thanks
    your license should be endorsable in all states. however, some states require that your program be comparable to theirs so if you are lacking some of the classes they have, you have to take that particular class before you get endorsed. also, if your program for example is the 12-month program, in connecticut, you have to work in your own state for a couple of months as an lpn before they endorse you because they have longer program (clinical credit hours).

    about california, it is so difficult to look for the endorsement packet.
    this is what i found from faqs (

    12. licensure in california by endorsement - how do i apply for licensure in california?

    obtain a reciprocity application packet from the board by calling the main telephone number at (916) 263-7800 or by sending an email to the board at provide your full name and mailing address.
    applicants that are licensed in another u.s. state or territory may review "fact sheet for out-of-state licensed applicants" on the board's website at, under the featured links on the right side of the screen.