1. Hello everyone, quick question. I had an interview for a job last week that I really wanted that was on a Thursday. The interview went really well and lasted over an hour and right after that before I left she had me fingerprinted on the spot. The human resources person gave me my papers so that I could get drug tested which I did the next day on a Friday. The lady I interviewed Alyssa said someone named Michelle would be calling me but she never officially gave me a job offer or said that I was hired. This is never happened to me in this order before. Usually I get off for the job and then I get sent out for the drug test and background checks but that was not the case for this job. So I never really got an official offer and they did not tell me that I had the position so I am still a little nervous this is a job that I really really want. I am not sure how long it takes for the background check to come through but I know that my background is fine and I know that I passed my drug test. Today is Tuesday so I did my background check 3 business days ago. Am I getting too anxious should I just wait for the call? I'm just afraid that they won't offer me the position so I'm getting a little nervous any thoughts?
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  3. by   minerwife927
    I know in PA(im there) our one background can take up to like 4 weeks. I run our local Youth Soccer league and have to run backgrounds on people and deal with some folks background not coming back until 2 weeks into my season. Ive always received mine within a few days(all 3 of mine are clear) FBI, State police and childline. Is it possible you are in one of the states that has this? I think florida does too if I remember from my AYSO training.
  4. by   motown
    I would just touch bases with them and let them know that you completed your drug test three day prior and just wanted to touch bases with them to see if there is anything else they need from you. it sound like they have every intention of hiring you or they would not go thru the expense of the background and drug test. Patience will go along way and so will a simple phone call to see if there is anything else you need to do at this point. It will also let them know you are interested without being pushy. Good Luck, I wish you well.