Indiana State University approved in California for LVN-BSN?????

  1. I was wondering if ISU is approved in California for LVN-BSN??? Has anyone gone to this route yet???

    I just took my nclex exam 2 days ago and the computer stopped at 85....I'm scared that I didn't passed?? Any ideas from any veterans that passed with 85 or it doesn't matter....

    Is online a better route to take to get an RN license???? I know in California it is very hard since majority of the schools are lottery...I could be sitting at home working for 2 years and still not get into an RN program...

    Any advice on the nclex result??? the online RN programs or other ways to get an RN.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    I am assuming by your post that it was the NCLEX PN that you just took and are unsure about. Online programs are only better for people whose life situation make them appropriate. Otherwise, it is generally better to go to a brick and mortar school, if for no other reason, than the fact that you will not have the worry about whether your program will be acceptable.
    It is true that the ISU program has just been approved in CA. I received an advertisement in the mail about this program two days ago. I deplore the fact that CA bent over backwards for this program with its affiliation with TCN, a money soaking organization, while devoting so much effort in getting rid of Excelsior as an option for CA students. The bias is obvious. So now, if I wanted to do the ISU program (which I have considered) on my own, they will tell me I have to do this TCN, pay us more money route. No, thank you.