I think I’m too dumb to be a nurse

  1. I'm currently working at my second nursing job after being terminated from my first job for making med errors. With each error, I made changes to ensure they wouldn't happen again. Besides these errors, I was extremely knowledgeable as far as care and orders. My biggest problem was I was the only nurse in charge of 100+ residents. My second job is much better as there are many nurses with me. However I am going from assistant living to OBGYN. And I don't know anything. I don't know the names of the instruments, I don't know what I need for procedures, I don't know the order in which to give the instruments, my anxiety is horrible. My self confidence is very low. My first mistake was giving a tDAP too high on a woman's deltoid and I feel horrible. My trainer was there and told me she didn't say anything because I already stuck her...

    i feel like like quitting nursing. My anxiety is so bad that I can even concentrate. I love it but justn like nursing instructor said "nursing may not be for me". It kills me that the only job I ever loved is a job I'm too stupid to have.
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  3. by   Brookenicole84
    You are not too stupid for nursing. You are still new. If you are unsure of something don't be afraid to ask questions! I went from hospice to obgyn. You will learn the instruments. The longer you are there the more experience you will gain. With experience comes confidence. Just don't be so hard on yourself and asks questions if you are unsure!!
  4. by   1pinknurse
    If you are unsure of something then ask or google and find out. I had to look up injection sites as well and retinal screenings, so I knew what I was looking at. My facility has a lack of training which is terrible considering that I work for a major employer. None the less, whenever I had a trainee I always told them to ask when in doubt, rather than act like they knew what they were doing and did the wrong thing. Try not to worry so much and just correct where your mistakes are made. The biggest thing is admitting you made a mistake and ensuring that you never make the same mistake again by learning.
  5. by   brownbook
    YouTube may be of some help. It has good educational videos on many nursing and medical topics. You can learn in the relaxed environment of your own home. You could probably Google "images" of common OBGYN instruments and fInd a lot of helpful information.
  6. by   LPNewbie
    Hey thanks for your comment. I can't help but to feel like an idiot. I have terrible anxiety and I keep thinking about that injection and what's going to happen to the patient. Literally obsessing. I told my supervisor and she told me it's fine but I feel like somehow it's not and it's gonna fall back on me
  7. by   LPNewbie
    What made things easier for you??
  8. by   LPNewbie
    I've been literally watching injection videos since
  9. by   OmaKruse
    I study nursing topics frequently in my leisure time. I want to be as knowledgeable as I can and be the best LPN that I can be.
    If you can, try to get help for your anxiety issues. That is where your trouble seems to lie. God bless you, dear.