How long until posting of license number

  1. Can I get some input regarding how long of a wait until your license number was posted on the BVNPT website after getting your passing letter?

    I got my results last Sat, sent my check in that same day and it's been 1 week. I've applied for some jobs at a hospital putting "pending" in the license number box hoping that'll at least get me in for an interview, but I thought at least my check would of cleared by now.

    I thought I saw one posting of 3 days?

    Thanks. This website sure helps in what to expect etc. from everyone's experiences instead of being in the dark! :icon_roll
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I received my passing letter on January 9, mailed my check to the BVNPT that same day, and my license number was posted online on January 20. Therefore, it took approximately 11 days for my name and license number to be posted on the BVNPT website.