How do I advance my career as a new nurse?

  1. Hello everyone
    I want to first thank anyone who is taking the time to read my post.

    Here is my story.....
    I recently got licensed in October.After two months I have finally gained employment at a pediatric private duty nursing home health company.I have not chosen a specialty yet, but pediatrics is where it all started for me.I volunteered at a childrens hospital in highschool.

    I mainly took this job because I love children and this job also seems that it will provide a great amount of flexibility as far as scheduling.I am also planning to go back to RN school after I get at least a year of experience working as an LVN.This company also seems to offer great training opportunities such as trache and vent training,Iv cert and things like that.They also start off with low level patients and then slowly allow you to work your way up to patients that need more critical care.My main goal is to get as much experience and knowledge as I can.

    Is this a good starting point?

    What is the best way to start out as a new grad in order to gain good experience and to be a marketable employee moving forward?

    Are there any other suggestions or tips to help me increase my knowledge and skills base?

    What areas in nursing provide the best learning experiences?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks in advance
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  3. by   angeloublue22
    It sounds like a great opportunity for you. Take every certification and training that they offer and keep reviewing your skills. Also, keep in mind what your goal is in nursing. What field do you want to work in? Maybe you will like this job and stay in it and that's okay too. Home health is a great field to work in. If you want more experience you can also go for a on-call position to get a taste of working in another area to expand your skills.
  4. by   ihood
    Hello angeloublue22

    I am still undecided with what field I would like to work in at this time.I really want to get out and do whatever I can since I am fairly new to the field. I am interested in things like E.R,Hospice,Hematology Oncology ,Cardiac and Labor and Delivery.In clinical I really enjoyed those particular rotations.The Director or nursing at the job I am working at now suggested that I take a job at a rehab eventually.

    She said "Although this is a good starting point,if you plan to advance your career or go far I would suggest working at a rehab facility or hospital".

    Her words kind of caught me off guard but I understood her point.I will also definitely consider the on-call position that you suggested when I feel comfortable enough to do so.

    Thank you again.

    Happy Holidays
  5. by   motown
    If you want a wide range of experience in the nursing field as a whole, I would suggest a hospital. It will offer opportunities in every category you posted. You will see and experience such a variety of situations and from this you might get a better idea of what field stands out to you.
  6. by   ihood
    Hello motown
    Thanks for your feedback
    I will definitely consider that