home health, easier for LVNs?

  1. I heard that Home Health is easier for LVNs because they dont get all the paperwork that RNs get and that they get all the not so complicated cases. For example, wound dressing changes and shots. Is this true? How does home health work? Do they tell you about the case first and then you get to decide if you want to take it or not? I am employed full time and was considering working home health for the extra money. Also I know that with some cases you stay all day and others its just a quick visit. Do you get to choose the length of the visits also?
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  3. by   Krystalsmiles
    I am a LPN in Virginia and I do Home Health full time. It really depends on the agency you work for. Where I work I still get difficult cases. There are things that LPN/LVN can not do such as; Start of Care, Re-certification , Resumption of Care, and Discharges. Which means most of the time I don't have as much paper work as the RN, but I still have my share. Also my agency does not assign me IV cases. Every 30 days a RN has to do a supervisory visit to be sure the patient is still please with the LPN/LVN work. I do wound vacs, difficult wounds, a bunch of teaching. To work in Home Health you have to feel comfortable in you assessment skills. You have to remember, it's you out there. You could always call your office, but it's mostly up to you and the patient. I hope this helps.