HELP! Question on getting a Temp. lvn license in CALIFORNIA!

  1. i just recieved my letter stating that i passed the nclex pn.. i just recently sent in my $120 and a signed paper to bvnpt. how can i get a temporary lvn license here in california? i hear i could get one in sacramento but HOW?? HELP!
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  3. by   pixie_ready2go
    I just went and got mine today. you have to go to sacarmento to the boards office and ask them for one. Today when i went i gave them my 120.00 and asked them for a temp. one and the gave it to me like 20 mins. later. Good luck.

    Congrats on passing
  4. by   TheCommuter
    For me, there was no point in going through the trouble to obtain a temporary LVN license, since my permanent license arrived so quickly. I received my passing result on January 9, mailed my check and signed paperwork into the California BVNPT on that same day, and received a permanent license on January 20. In other words, only 11 days elapsed between the mailing of the check and the receipt of the permanent licensure.

    Also, check out the California Nurses Forum:
  5. by   J.M.N.
    I called the board today and they said that you cannot go to sacramento and get a temporary license if you have already mailed in your payment in the mail. So if you get your letter to get your license, make sure you do not mail in payment if you want a temporary license. You pay for your license the same time you get your temporary license.