Hello!! hoping help from all of you

  1. hello all!!! i m new to this forum but i been surfing this forum for hours & hours and you guys are awsome!!! all the information and which you are sharing thanx a lot for all of you guys for your gr8 effort!!!:spin:

    i have couple of question abt lvn programs so please help me with that...me and my friends of mine thinking of doing the lvn course..i live in bay area (ca). and i wana to know which colleges are providing the lvn programs and how much they cost for entire course. which college in bay area....please help me!!!!:icon_rolleyes::icon_rolleyes::icon_rolleyes :
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  3. by   Kashia
    If you are willing to relocate to a beautiful place try Lassen Community College in Susanville Ca. They have an awesome program, seldom impacted. Can check them on the web.or call Liona Moss, DON of nursing program there. Good luck.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Welcome to this site! I am a native Californian (born & raised in Southern Cali) who moved to Texas last year.

    Anyway, this site has a California Nurses Forum where your question would probably gather more responses. Click on the link below to be taken there.