Found a website for NCLEX waiters in CA!!!


    It has all CA counties on there. So type in your name and find out if you passed or not!!! My name wasn't up there and I took mine on Sat. We know what that means I guess. good luck everybody. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Please take a look again at what you posted. It is the website for Licensed Vocational Nurses.

    In the state of CA, you will not have your license until you receive a letter in the mail that gives you your results, and then includes a bill for you to pay for your license. They are the only state that has you pay for it when you pass, not before. Name will never be posted until you have a license number assigned to you.

    It will be three weeks at least until you get your results, and it will not be found on-line, but only in a letter. Letter, then payment, then license. In that order only.

    Best of luck to you. But you will be waiting a few more weeks to get results.
  4. by   Shantae
    Hmmmmm. Now that makes me think... I called my friend who took her NCLEX and she said she found it on the website a few weeks after her test and THEN her letter came in the mail. But I don't know, if you are correct, you sure did make my day. I thought I failed.