Delinquent lvn license in a private home

  1. I am an lvn in Ca. I work in my patients private home & my employer is my patient. I have always been an lvn but when hired, CNA's & lvn grads have also worked in the residence for as long as i have & have given medication in the home to the patient etc. It has never been a requirement in the home by the employer in the residence to be a licensed nurse. Recently I had a lapse in my license & someone in the home(not my employer) complained to the board that I've been performing with a delinquent license. Can a private employer designate nursing duties in a private home?. I had never intended on not keeping my license up to date & it is now current. Has anyone been disaplined by the board for working with a delinquent license?
    I'd appreciate any input Thank you so much in advance!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If that happened to me, I think I would seek employment elsewhere. Apparently your services are not appreciated. The employer can designate duties in their home, but those policies should have been spelled out in the written contract between employer/employee. Not fair to get picky after the fact. In the future don't let your license become delinquent. Your malpractice insurance is up to date?
  4. by   Nurse1707
    Thank you. I actually recently resigned because I felt singled out after this incident. I also just inquired & purchased malpractice insurance..unfortunately this incident happened prior to me receiving my policy. I have to write to the board regarding this which is so stressful & depressing. I plan on taking full responsibility for not keeping my license up to par. I just hope the punishment isnt so severe:,( I don't know if working in a private home has diff rules & regulations but I have definitely been given plenty of insight through this experience.