Day shift vs working night shift

  1. Hello nurses! Im a new grad(as of yesterday) & will be taking boards soon. I have a job pending passing boards & i also work as a pct but on nite shift. The job is for day shift 7a-7p so for those that work that shift, what are the pros & cons vs those that work 7p-7a other than pay difference. Im use to nites but if days is what i have to work then i'll do it! I can always pick up a nite shift during the week once a week or every other week after im off my 90 day probation. Thanks un advance
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  3. by   EMR*LPN
    Congrats on your graduation!!
    I, too, worked a variety of shifts in my 31 year career, and nights was definitely my favorite shift. Too many chiefs on days, can't find your patients when you need them if they are at crafts, therapy, etc. Also on days you have 3 meals to endure med passes. If an emergency arises, you are, most of the time, on your own to catch up with your other duties after the emergency has been addressed. Granted, the supervisor should be available to assist with everything, but, depending on the facility, that may not be the case.
    It is easier on nights to get yourself organized. I've had some hellish nights, worse than the dayshift, but it seems you have more time to get things done. Just my opinion, having worked all shifts in all areas. Good luck.
  4. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Thanks for the reply! Yeah it looks CRAZY! But after 6 months i can post out to nite shift either in my area or somewhere else! I guess it'll be ok for now just to get the experience to know the doctor's etc! I plan to work thurs-sun so maybe it wont be too bad